Autism Delaware


Navigating the complex world of autism can be challenging- Autism Delaware is here for you.


Take a look below at some of the supports offered by Autism Delaware.

Please contact Dafne Carnright or visit Autism Delaware online to learn more about services and supports.

Family Support Services

  • Family Navigation: Families can call to seek guidance on issue-specific needs and challenges or just speak to a parent who’s been through a similar experience.  Family Navigators will help answers questions and provide information and resources.
  • Autism Care Team (ACT) Program: For families in need of more ongoing support, Family Support Providers (FSPs), work on-one-one to provide a number of services.  FSPs are parents of children with autism and can help parents coordinate care among providers and systems, establish goals and develop plans for services for their children, and connect parents to education and other resources to become informed advocates.

Trainings and Workshops

  • Speaker Series: Autism Delaware provides regular opportunities for families, professionals, people with ASD, and members of the community to hear from experts on topics such as guardianship, financial issues, mental health, education supports, and more.  This series is offered monthly at no cost and is often available both in-person or virtually.
  • Parent to Parent Workshop Series: Parent to Parent is a five week program in which trained parent coaches offer their experiences and education to families raising a child with autism. Parent to Parent is offered twice a year in Autism Delaware offices and within several school districts in Delaware.

Productive Opportunities for Work and Recreation (POW&R)

POW&R is an innovative community-based program dedicated to helping adults with ASD be successful in employment, volunteer activities, and life goals.  POW&R is person-directed and seeks to develop and implement supports tailored to the unique needs and goals of each person.  As each person is different, the support POW&R provides looks different too.  Some adults may require daily, one-on-one services while others may require less supports in their employment or volunteer role.

Social Opportunities and Coffee Hours

  • Social and Recreational Activities: Autism Delaware offers numerous activities and events throughout the year for the the children and adults with ASD, siblings, and the whole family to provide meaningful connections and build a supportive community. Social events include holiday parties, bowling nights, beach picnics, and sensory friendly activities. Recreational activities, such as the Summer Beach Camp and Junior Golf Programs, support peer relationships and promote independence.
  • Coffee Hours: Coffee hours and support groups offer a safe opportunity for caregivers to talk about strengths and challenges, discuss issues of concern, vent frustrations, and learn from others. Autism Delaware currently offers parent coffee hours, a parent support group, and a grandparent support group.

To learn about more resources in the community, click here.