Resources for Teaching Human Sexuality

Many people with disabilities do not receive adequate sex education. Additionally, they may have a more challenging time recognizing this information or understanding and applying what they have learned. This resource guide provides evidence-based resources, including some Delaware specific resources.

Trauma and Youth with Autism

It can be challenging to identify trauma in autistic youth.  Created in collaboration with Trauma Matters Delaware, this resource guide discusses the assessment of trauma in youth including autism-specific TF-CBT resources.

Avoiding Ableist Language resource guide image

Avoiding Ableist Language

Ableism is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities and people perceived as disabled. Ableism characterizes people as defined by their disabilities as inferior to people without an identified disability. It’s important that professionals understand what ableism is, reflect on the language they use in their communication, and use non-ableist language alternatives to describe autism and autistic people. 

Image of Holiday Resource Guide for Families.

Holiday Resource Guide For Families

While holidays are a time of joy and celebration, they can also be difficult for youth with autism spectrum disorder. During the holiday season, thoughtful planning can assist in reducing holiday-related stress and challenging behaviors related to the uniqueness of different holiday events and activities. The purpose of this guide is to provide strategies to help de-stress during the busy holiday season.

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder Thumbnail

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or autism, is a disability that is often present early in life and can affect multiple aspects of a child’s development. Individuals with autism do not look different, but they may show differences in the ways they behave, communicate and interact with others.

Image of Concerns for Autism resource guide.

Concerns for Autism

You know your child best. If you have concerns about your child’s development, don’t wait to take action! There are many professionals and organizations in Delaware who you can contact for support. The type of service options you receive will depend on the provider. A few of the places you can start are listed below.

Image of the Early Childhood Intervention System resource guide.

Early Childhood Intervention System

Early intervention programs can enhance outcomes for children, families, and communities by changing a child’s developmental path. Early intervention benefits families by better meeting their children’s needs from a young age and throughout their lives. 
Image of Developmental and Autism Evaluations resource guides.

Developmental and Autism Evaluations

The goal of the evaluation process is to identify your child’s strengths and areas of need. The evaluation team will offer resources and services to support your child and family.