Supported Decision-Making: From Justice to Jenny to Justice for All

This is part one of three-part speaking series on supported decision-making with Jonathan Martinis. Supported decision-making (SDM) is an alternative to guardianship that allows people with disabilities to get the help they may need to make choices about their life.

The Birds and the Bees: Learning from the Research on Autism and Human Sexuality

Join the Delaware Network for Excellence in Autism (DNEA) as they host Dr. Sarah Curtiss in an educational workshop as she discusses the research on autism and human sexuality. This webinar discusses understanding and describing what sexual expression looks like, sexual abuse risk and resiliency, and how to best teach sex education. This workshop discusses evidence-based resources, including some Delaware specific resources.

Disrupting Ableism

Join the Delaware Network for Excellence in Autism (DNEA) as they host Dr. Priya Lalvani as she discusses ableism and what it means to disrupt it. This webinar discusses ableism, how discrimination against people with disabilities is embedded in our language and culture, and how professionals and families can become allies for disability justice. 

Dr. Lalvani has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology and is a professor at Montclair State University. She teaches courses in Disabilities Studies and is the coordinator for the graduate programs in inclusive education. Through her research, she seeks to confront ableism in schools and society and to problematize the practice of segregated education for many students with disabilities in schools. She is the co-author of the book: Undoing Ableism: Teaching About Disability in K-12 Classrooms and the editor of Constructing the (M)other with Narratives of Disability, Motherhood, and the Politics of Normal.