First Responders

As individuals with ASD are more likely to have 911 encounters than people in the general population, it’s critical for a person with autism to understand how to interact with first responders.  It’s also just as essential for first responders to understand autism and how to respond to situations involving a person with ASD in a safe and effective manner.

For this reason, the DNEA is collaborating with the Autism & Law Enforcement Education Coalition (ALEC) to provide community-based trainings to first responders in Delaware on how to support individuals with ASD. In June 2019, the DNEA brought in ALEC staff to train 9 leads in Delaware, identified from various Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS entities throughout the state.  All training leads are current first responders with a personal connection to autism (i.e. family member, friend).

The DNEA is currently working with Delaware training leads to provide workshops for first responders across the state.



If you’re a first responder and are interested in scheduling a training for your organization, please contact DNEA Program Coordinator, Kara Downey at or 302-831-7009.