Join the DNEA for “Disrupting Ableism” with Dr. Priya Lalvani

Disrupting Ableism: Understanding The Nature Of Disability Oppression And Its Outcomes In Society
June 29th noon - 1:00 
What is "ableism" and what does it mean to "disrupt" it? Learn about ableism, how discrimination against people with 
disabilities is embedded into our language and culture, and how professionals and families can become allies for 
disability justice. Register here 

Priya Lalvani, PhD
Dr. Priya Lalvani is a professor at Montclair State University. She teaches courses in disability studies and is the 
coordinator for the Graduate Programs in Inclusive Education. She holds a Ph.D. in developmental psychology. 
Through her research, she seeks to confront ableism in schools and society, and to problematize the practice of 
segregated education for many students with disabilities in schools.